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Woodworking industry solutions, UAB was established in 2017. The main activity of the company is manufacture assembly and supply of sawmill machinery.

Woodworking industry solutions, UAB presents innovative production process management systems ensuring optimal use of raw materials and energy resources and the ability to obtain the best possible result. Technological equipment offered to our customers is based on automated control, used in order to increase the efficiency of machinery and processes and the quality of the product. The company also provides equipment mounting / dismounting services and sells various component parts. Woodworking industry solutions, UAB guarantees product quality and compliance with EU requirements in order to achieve high quality standards.

Our Goal

Experienced employees of our company share a goal of finding the best engineering and technological solutions, focused on the needs of the customers.

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Skarulių g. 10, LT-55198, Jonava, Lithuania


ISO SANDARDS : 9001; 14001; 45001 & 1090