MPP-1300 Basic

About The Product

Package cross cut saw is the perfect solution when wood packages need to be sawed, shortened in a limited space. MPP-1300 BASIC is an automated piece of cutting machinery for sawing wooden board packages, designed to saw wooden board packages adjusted according to the needs of the client.

This saw will give you an ability to saw a wooden board package in whatever length you need as well as cut off its ends. A compact and cost-efficient solution to meet the most stringent demands.

Technical specification and features:

  • Maximum size of board package (width x height x length, mm) – 1300x1300x6100¨¹
  • Saw type – chainsaw;
  • Saw kerf– 14mm;
  • Sawing accuracy – – ±1,0mm;
  • Sawing speed – 1.5 min/m2;
  • Removable supports for package alignment;
  • Nominal power – 12kW (saw 11kW), 400VAC, 50Hz
  • Automatic sawing speed control;
  • Electronic ruler with fixed length positioning;
  • Touch screen for positioning and task setting;
  • Laser indication of the chainsaw cut¨²;
  • Completion of the work task (cutting the ends of the packets, cutting them at a configured length);
  • Operates in – …-5°C¨³ …+40°C temperature;
  • Easily transportable, simple maintenance;

1 – The length of board package can be either shorter or longer;
2 – Two colours are available, red or green;
3 – Working environments below -5°C are available on request;

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